Rt 66 Chevrolet Lease Advantage

Route 66 Chevy Lease Advantage - True Zero Leasing
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Route 66 Chevy Lease Advantage - End of Lease Options

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There's a Better Way to Lease with the Route 66 Chevrolet Lease Advantage!

Here at Route 66 Chevrolet of Tulsa, we have a new way to lease the car you want at an affordable rate that brings you even closer to ownership than you'll find with an auto loan. Lease a Chevy at a rate that works for you for a couple of years at a more affordable rate and then it's yours to do with as you like, all through the Route 66 Chevy Lease Advantage here at Route 66 Chevrolet of Tulsa in Tulsa, OK.

How it Works

With True Zero Leasing through Route 66 Chevrolet of Tulsa, you pay the same flat rate for a three-year contract. That monthly amount is calculated by subtracting the guaranteed lease-end value from the selling price of the vehicle. This amount can be altered with a lease special from our monthly specials, which qualified lessees can enjoy. Once your three-year contract is up, you can choose from one of four options of what to do with the vehicle: you can turn it in to lease a new car of your choosing, you can sell the car, trade it in to finance a new Chevy model, or keep it, the car will be yours to do with as you choose! If you choose to keep it, then consider our Service Center to keep it well-maintained and running at peak efficiency for as long as you choose to keep your new Chevy. If you trade it in or turn it in, we can offer you a very fair deal towards the loan or lease of another new Chevy model of your choosing.

What Are the Disadvantages?

Well, the drawbacks of this lease agreement are the same as with any lease agreement; for starters, there will be some mileage restrictions and caps that you won't be able to exceed without paying an extra penalty. Secondly, in order to qualify for this Lease Advantage, you must have exceptional credit and must be in good standing financially. Finally, like most other leased vehicles, you will not be able to alter or detail your vehicle in any way until your three-year contract is up.

Your Better Lease Deal is Here in Tulsa!

Whether it's a Chevrolet coupe, convertible, SUV, pickup truck or something in between, there's a way for you to get the new car you love at a rate that works for you. Once your contract is up, you'll have a car that's only three years old to do with as you like! There are so many benefits of this lease deal for qualified lessees can enjoy, so come on down to our dealership and see if you qualify! We're located at 8130 East Skelly Drive in Tulsa, OK. See you soon!